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Bumpers Enhance Style and Protection 

When personalizing your vehicle, bumpers stand out as one of the most impactful choices. Our selection of premium aftermarket bumpers ensures you express your style and fortify your vehicle's safety. Whether you're aiming for a rugged off-road look or a sleek urban appeal, we offer a range of designs and materials to match your preferences. From heavy-duty steel bumpers to lightweight aluminum options, our customization experts will guide you through the choices that align with your needs and driving habits. 


1) How are you going to use your vehicle? 

Are you going to off-road locations and rough terrains or staying in town? There are several off-road  

bumpers to choose from. The bumper type varies depending on what you need it to be.  

2) What is required for mounting? 

The mounting requirement will depend on the bumper type. If you purchase a truck bumper, the manufacturer will likely send the package with the necessary hardware and brackets. Installing the  

bumper with the right accessories is crucial to maximize its protection. Some bumpers, especially off-road models, require drilling and welding to ensure proper installation and increased durability. 

3) What features are you looking for? 

Depending on your need, you may require additional features such as rear winches, d-rings, push bars,  

grille protection, and stinger bars. Note that not all activities require additional accessories for  

maximum performance. Some off-road accessories are unnecessary, and for others, confirm the  

bumper is strong and durable to handle the different accessories you want and provides the protection you need. 

4) Will a bumper void your vehicle’s warranty? 

For newer truck owners, sometimes, manufacturers void the truck's warranty upon learning that it has  

been used in off-road activities, especially if the vehicle is not designed for such. Confirm with your  

manufacturer if you plan to use your vehicle on off-roading trips. 

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